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WASA Weather Procedures

The WASA weather procedures are described in the weather policy PDF. This policy basically boils down to "when in doubt, show up to the field."

Thunder and Lightning Policy

If anyone hears thunder or spots lightning, the referees should take immediate action. Do not continue to play!

  • WASA Rec. matches for ages U12 and below… The match will be terminated. Everyone is advised to seek shelter.
  • Middle School age and above… There will be a full 30 minute delay. Everyone is advised to seek shelter. Subsequent occurrences of thunder or lightning start a new 30 minute clock. If it is apparent that conditions will not improve, the match may be terminated.
Game Cancellation Information

Game cancellation information now appears on the WASA home page. If there is a cancellation notice, it will appear as the first bullet in the announcement section.

To receive automatic email notification of game cancellations, sign up for cancellations.com's free email notification service. Enter a ZIP code of 43081 and scroll down to look for WASA. The game cancellations delivered from cancellations.com are those that affect ALL WASA games. In other words, it has been raining for several days and all WASA fields are closed. If individual games are canceled, due to lightning or other weather related conditions, you will NOT receive a cancellations.com notification.

Without a specific game cancellation notice, the general rule is go to the game and let the referees at the field make the determination about whether a game is canceled or not.