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Parent & Player Information

We tried to make registering and playing with WASA as easy and painless as possible, but we know that we don't always meet the mark. If you have a question about WASA, use the following links to see if the information provided answers your questions.

Still can't find the answer? Send us an email., we promise to get back with you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions about WASA.

Registration Info/Help - Information about how to register a player for WASA, including when to register and the different methods of registration.

WASA's Weather Policy - Information about when WASA cancels games dues to weather and how to get notification.

Concussion Information - What coaches, parents and players need to know about Ohio's "Return to Play" law regarding concussions.

Lindsay's Law Information - What coaches and parents need to know about Ohio's Lindsay's Law.

Soccer Rules - The official rules of soccer and some explanations.